Muriel Leobet: the face in the skin!
Sculpt faces in clay: the intuitive Sculpture
Free your voice to your free song: free song - sound

Perhaps Amenhotep III

Perhaps this sculpture you will she talk of Egypt, as it has thus resonated for me...
I introduce this deity who offers us his benevolence, today, in our time, although she comes from a more distant era.
Sculpture in terracotta patinated with acrylic, June 2018.
HT: 30 cm, width 17 cm, prof. 21 cm. 4 kg.
Price: €650
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Internship back!

I am giving another date later.

Two days to get back to you with the connection with his higher self, the intuitive Sculpture® and free song - sound.


My artistic...

Give life to faces by sculpting them in the Earth nourishes my quest for authenticity and depth. Do not decide the result allows a letting go of my mind in favor of pure creation, allowing my hands to go naturally to where my being guide.

It is only in that way can the living flow through me and bring these characters inhabited and singular.

I give life to characters that I welcome once created, then I connect to their energy and discover their history...

Clay... For the self-taught I am, the earth itself naturally for his indulgence and kindness. I found in it the ideal material because it is structured in the flexibility and transmutes is by cooking in a solid, stable and durable object. Clay has, quietly, and allows any errors... It requires nothing, she gets...

Les bustes sur commande

I sculpted busts on order and am able to faithfully reproduce the traits of a person. I have thus created a bust of Johnny hallyday among others you will find in the gallery.

The courses of
Intuitive sculpture

I developed a particular pedagogy that helps beginners in modeling to sculpt a face in just one day. These are the intuitive Sculpture workshops®.

By simple and accessible guidance, any beginner can create a successful and expressive bust in one day, at the end of which an encounter occurs between the creator and the character.

These workshops are moments joyful connection itself and its creativity, extremely surprising and creative experience to live between self and self. Stories to read and watch it here.

The vocal release: free song - sound

The process: the free song - sound method get your voice inside of you to bring it to the surface and release.
Raw sounds occurred first, then the method, step by step, will stabilize your voice and channel these raw sounds to turn them into notes. These notes are then directed to a melody, reflection of you and your emotional universe.
The method of free song - sound feature never force the passage, it's a gentle progression, listening to itself and a meeting with your voice.
You can live this process at home, thanks to audio files or on meeting single, if you need an empathetic accompaniment for your voice.
The info here.

Coaching model remote head

I'll show you the corrections to be applied on your sculpture, using a video call (Skype, Messenger).
It is very effective because often, you see that something is wrong, but not sure exactly where!
I then tells you what's wrong and how to fix.
My coaching fee: €30 30 minutes
See you soon!
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