Muriel Leobet: the face in the skin!
Sculpt faces in clay: the intuitive Sculpture
Free your voice to your free song: free song - sound

My artistic...

Give life to faces by sculpting them in the Earth nourishes my quest for authenticity and depth. Do not decide the result allows a letting go of my mind in favor of pure creation, allowing my hands to go naturally to where my being guide.

It is only in that way can the living flow through me and bring these characters inhabited and singular.

I give life to characters that I welcome once created, then I connect to their energy and discover their history...

Clay... For the self-taught I am, the earth itself naturally for his indulgence and kindness. I found in it the ideal material because it is structured in the flexibility and transmutes is by cooking in a solid, stable and durable object. Clay has, quietly, and allows any errors... It requires nothing, she gets...

The Intuitive Sculpture workshops

Réalisation participants

Sculptor artist, portraitist and companion empathetic of your artistic EXPRESSION, I developed the intuitive Sculpture for you to explore and express the richness of your artistic universe... In the Earth.

Close to art therapy, the intuitive Sculpture® invites you to let a face in clay, by letting go of decision-making on the result. You accept then let yourself be guided through creative movement flowing in you, without thinking that controls.

In practice, simple directions will gradually bring you to the realization of a bust that is expressive and inhabited, in a release made natural.

Are created in the sweetness, bringing you relaxation, well-being and joy...

The intuitive Sculpture® is a gateway to self...
For a deep connection with yourself, in a joyful and authentic creation: you're going to channel the life in matter.

This method is for everyone, it does require learning or skills, or special gift.

The intuitive Sculpture brochure

Les bustes sur commande

Je sculpte des bustes sur commande et suis capable de reproduire fidèlement les traits d’une personne. J'ai ainsi créé un buste de Johnny hallyday entre autres que vous trouverez dans la galerie.
Tous les détails pour commander un buste.